Be Present

We know that the world of business can feel like a never ending script - simulated scenarios of what to do, how to do it and when. I mean here we are, adding to the already sagging resource- bag of “best practices” with another five “how-to’s” of our own!While these tools help guide and even … [Read more...]

Build Unbreakable Bonds

These are the kinds of bonds that can’t be bought, or luckily, sold. You’ll need to put some time into cultivating a special relationship with your clients. Do this for all of your clients - not just the largest account or so-called “problem client” or the high-profile one on the list. You’ll find … [Read more...]

Managing Client Expectations

The first step in managing clients is managing their expectations. In any relationship, especially in business, people want to be levelled with – told right up front what they’re getting…and when. Put this value at the center of your credence. By this we mean, chisel this into the rock of your … [Read more...]

Plugin Review: WP Rocket Caching Plugin

A few months ago we switched our WordPress caching plugin to WP Rocket, and haven't looked back since.What is a Caching Plugin? Simply put, these plugins use various techniques to attempt to speed up your sites load time and reduce the amount of resources needed on your server to run your … [Read more...]

Technical Skills Can Only Take You so Far!

True, your technical clout did help develop that website... but you’ll need a lot more to deliver it.Clients are opting for a more holistic approach to doing business and are expecting the same of their business partners. Consultants don’t get to live in solitary confinement anymore - insulated … [Read more...]