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Derby Documentation

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Check the download thread for more docs.


Q) I added my header image but it still shows text or nothing at all
A) On the Appearance -> Header screen make sure Display Text is set to "No"

Q) What's the optimal size for the slider?
A) 1000 x 375px

Q) I'm getting 404 errors when clicking on...
A) Re-save your WordPress permalinks by visiting Settings -> Permalinks - Save Changes

Q) Where is the search box in the header (Thesis)?
A) If you don't see the search box in your header to go Appearance -> Widgets and drag the search widget into the Header Right area. If you want to add text to the box, see this thread: http://themedy.com/forum/discussion/1527/add-text-to-searchform-on-header

Q) How do I move the logo above the nav (Genesis)?
A) http://themedy.com/forum/discussion/1239/moving-logo-above-navigation-on-mobile

Q) How do I change the pull down "Expand" button text?
A) GENESIS and THESIS 1: Log in to your WordPress Admin and go to Appearance > Themedy Options and you'll find "Text for top area expand button:" under General Options.
THESIS 2: Log in to your WordPress Admin and go to your Thesis Skin Editor. Click the gear beside the Themedy - Pull Down box and change the "Expand Button Text" option.
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