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Derby Excerpt Tag

stuart_murphystuart_murphy Lifetime Member
Hi Mark,

I've spent days trying to work out why my excerpt tag on my AffordaBand home page doesn't display any more text than one single word with three dots from the page it links to. I can't find anywhere, or any way to make the excerpt more text-filled. And another thing, I have a 1000px full-width jpg picture in my homepage slider (5 different jpg sliders in fact, that rorate), and for the life of me, I can't find where I'm supposed to make them a clickable link to other pages on my website. I've spend days trying to figure it out. Can you pls advise? Thanks a lot, Stu


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    stuart_murphystuart_murphy Lifetime Member
    Any thoughts on this at all, Mark? Or is it just css commands somewhere? I'd rather address the original problem than adding extra css to resolve it. But what do you think?
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    stuart_murphystuart_murphy Lifetime Member
    Anyone there?
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    Mark_HodderMark_Hodder Administrator, Lifetime Member
    edited February 2020
    Hi Stu,

    There is nothing to do to enable or disable slides having the clickable function so it's either been:

    1. Removed by you previously or someone that may have customized your site.

    2. You are using an older version of Derby that doesn't have this feature (I don't recall at this point if this was something that Derby had from the start or not).

    The best solution is to upgrade Derby to the latest version, but I know you've had issues doing that in the past so would probably need to hire help to do so.

    However, the specific bit of code you should have would be in /wp-content/themes/derby-g1/home.php file after this line:

    It should be like this:
     <li class="slide">	
                        if (genesis_get_image()) {
                            $img = genesis_get_image( array( 'format' => 'html' ) );
                        } else {
                            $img = '<img src="'.CHILD_URL.'/images/noimage940x350.png" alt="" />';
                        echo '<a href="'.get_permalink().'" title="'.the_title_attribute('echo=0').'">'.$img.'</a>';
                        $excerpt = get_the_excerpt();
                        if (strlen($excerpt) > 120) {
                        $excerpt = substr($excerpt,0,strpos($excerpt,' ',120)); }
                        $excerpt = $excerpt.' ...';
                        if (themedy_get_option('slider_captions')) { echo '<div class="flex-caption"><div class="container"><h4>'. get_the_title() . '</h4><p>' . $excerpt .'</p></div></div>'; }
    You can try replacing it but make sure to have a backup of that file first in case it doesn't work.
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