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Can I Make a Small Section Of My Full-Width Header Image A Clickable Phone Number?

stuart_murphystuart_murphy Lifetime Member
Hi Guys,

Sorry to ask probably an obvious question.. In my Derby theme (running Genesis), I have a site-wide, full-width header image, that sits above my sliding banner images on the home page, and above everything else site-wide. The whole header is an image with text flattened on it as part of the image.. Anyway, on the right hand side, the text is my phone number. Can I make this clickable somehow so it loads a call dialogue box for the user, or can I not, due to the entire banner being a flattened image?

Thank you So Much,


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    Mark_HodderMark_Hodder Administrator, Lifetime Member
    Hey Stu, while not "impossible" it's not really practicable - you can research things like "image mapping" but it wouldn't be a straight forward thing to accomplish, unfortunately.
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    stuart_murphystuart_murphy Lifetime Member
    Thanks so much Mark. :-)
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