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Mobile responsiveness

oliesclosetoliescloset Fremedy, Clip Cart, Tote
Hoping there is a simple fix for this. Google is saying that my website isn't 'mobile friendly'. Mainly it's saying that the page width isn't responsive. Also says the elements are too close together but I really don't see how that can be fixed. If it helps, the customers that have taken the time to contact me when they haven't been able to place an order are all using Apple products such as iPad and iPhone.

I did see another topic where you said to click on Appearance and select the jquery... problem is when I click on 'Appearance' I don't see a 'Themedy Settings' option.

Thanks in advance. Website with the problem is: https://CustomDesignDogCollars.com


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    Mark_HodderMark_Hodder Administrator, Lifetime Member
    Hi, Clip Cart out of the box is mobile responsive, however, some of your customizations to the design have changed this.

    If you add something like this to your Thesis Custom CSS screen it should solve most of the larger problems:
    #header .wrap, #secondary_area, #header, #content_area, .wrap, .columns > .content {max-width: 100% !important;}
    #site_title, #thesis_header_image {max-width: 80%;}
    It might not make Google 100% happy but you would have to consider hiring someone to customize your site in more depth for that.
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    oliesclosetoliescloset Fremedy, Clip Cart, Tote
    Thanks Mark, I'll try that. I tried installing a plugin yesterday which seems to work except for search. Search won't work on mobile view... contacted them and I couldn't get a clear answer...was more of a sales pitch than anything else trying to get me to go pro and buy one of their themes...WPtouch.....
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