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Full Width Website In DERBY Theme?

stuart_murphystuart_murphy Lifetime Member
Hi Guys,

I'm a bit of a No0b, I'm sorry to ask probably a basic question, but my webguy built me a website using the DERBY theme a while ago, that doesn't use the full width of the screen, and instead has approx 2-inch empty white margins on the left and right sides of all the pages, so it looks a little outdated now, and is wasting so much screen space. And it's currently a 3-column layout on all the subpages, which also have these same left/right margins as the home page does. How do I adjust this in Derby theme (other than just making the site resolution larger)?



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    Mark_HodderMark_Hodder Administrator, Lifetime Member
    Hi Stu,

    Derby intentionally uses a Fixed Width design so there is no easy switch to Full Width as it would require multiple customizations to adjust the different elements of the existing design.

    If you mean only the left and right margins within the fixed width design though, that is just simple padding that can be adjusted with CSS i.e:
    .site-inner {
        padding: 35px 25px;
    The 25px part of the above can be adjusted up or down as necessary.
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    stuart_murphystuart_murphy Lifetime Member
    Thank you Mark. :-)
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