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Style sheet confusion - custom font settings

sarahmayclarksonsarahmayclarkson Lifetime Member
Hi there,

Basic question, but I'm totally lost! Please can you tell me where I should be modifying the fonts for my site?

There seem to be 3 places to set the fonts using Thesis,

- Custom CSS

- Skin CSS (Typographical elements section)

- Patron Skin Design Options

I am looking to clean up the site and make sure I have all the style settings in one (correct) place, but I'm concerned that there's a bit of duplication and one is overriding another, etc.

As I'm using a Google font, I have put this into my Head Scripts in Thesis:

This seems to have worked but I can't get the style sheets uniform across the site. Some of the fonts are showing up as planned, i.e. in the navigation and footer are 'Oswald' but in the main section it's defaulting to something different.

Cheers for your help,



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