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Reactiv pages taken over by black

bdienesbdienes Lifetime Member
Not sure what happened, but suddenly the site pages have all gone black below the header, except the front page, but that is also messed up.
Pictures of the issue can be found here.
Anyone know what happened? Site is not now live, so I can't show you the live site.


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    bdienesbdienes Lifetime Member
    Site will be live for a while this afternoon (07/04)
    Get through htaccess protection with
    User: dev
    Pass: letmein

    Any idea why the content of each page is covered in black instead of being white?
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    bdienesbdienes Lifetime Member
    When on a phone or tablet it is fine. On full screen on a computer, the content area shifts to a black background. You can see the effect if you create a window and slowly increase/decrease the size of the window. The responsive design adapts, but the full desktop version is messed up.
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    bdienesbdienes Lifetime Member
    edited July 2018
    Actually, the menu area is messed up even on tablet version. The black background only covers half of the two-line menu. It was working fine earlier in the week.
    Here's how it should look: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wFxdVDcsMLvKrB-gbAUWi_xSaIJZdvOo
    Here's how is does look: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1f-pypdBGPgs2oPcbCGcEsvb70ltUwQEq
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    bdienesbdienes Lifetime Member
    OK. I fixed it. Ran the Thesis Fix CSS box. Sorry for the trouble....
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