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Brisket changes

johnbenrobjohnbenrob Support Expired
Hi there,

How do I set the size of the homepage logo - it seems to be restricted to 180 pixels
I wish to change the right menu to contain separate headings - not a duplicate of the left one.
The 3 homepage 'features' seem to creep up behind the logo (mostly with Chrome) on & off.
Can I change the font size of the homepage features headings?

Very impressed with how it renders on mobile :)


Many thanks,



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    Mark_HodderMark_Hodder Administrator, Lifetime Member
    Hi Ben, you can adjust the header size by adding something like this to your Thesis Custom CSS:

    #site_title {width: 200px;}

    and for the feature area header font, something like this:

    .t-featured .widget_title {font-size:30px;}

    For the menus Thesis Skin Content - Primary / Secondary nav options are where you control the left and right menus.
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    johnbenrobjohnbenrob Support Expired
    Many thanks Mark
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