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Issues using Beaver Builder

antonioperrecaantonioperreca Support Expired
Hello, I'm having some problems on a site. I use Beaver Builder as page constructor, and I've got the page title displayed on the page. I wanted to remove it, and inserted this additional css code:

.site-header, .introduction {display: none;

The page title had disappeared for a few days but now it's shown again. The css code is still there and the header is not displayed. What can I do to Hide the page title?

I'm having also issues in the menu creation, I'm creating a jumping menu assigning an id to the rows I want to but the links don't work, could it depend on the theme? On other websites it works normally.


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    matt_hoddermatt_hodder Moderator, Lifetime Member
    edited May 2018
    Make sure you include the closing bracket in your css. You can try this instead to see if it works:

    body .site-header, body .introduction {display: none !important; }

    Those menus should work fine as long as you have the anchors on the page itself (Something like <div id="anchorme"></div> or <a name="anchorme"></a>). Our themes shouldn't affect that.

    To troubleshoot any further I'd need a link to your website to see what you mean.
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    antonioperrecaantonioperreca Support Expired
    Thank you, the website is www.creditoideale.it
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