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Transition - Cart66 to WooCommerce

garrydufresnegarrydufresne Lifetime Member, Fremedy, Grind, Quik
the Cart66 plugin has been discontinued and is no longer supported. The Cart66 support said they have no "translation" to convert the site to Cart66 cloud so we are thinking to switch everything over to WooCommerce.

Are there tips or guidelines on the best way to do this with ClipCart? The less we have to rebuild the better. Figured this would be a good place to start.


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    Mark_HodderMark_Hodder Administrator, Lifetime Member
    Clip Cart supports WooCommerce luckily, which as far as the theme goes, is the only related item to Clip Cart itself.

    For moving to WooCommerce from Cart66 depending on your store size, probably just installing WooCommerce and reloading all your products manually is the most straight forward way. Depending on whether or not you want to move things like order history to WooCommerce or just archive it and start new with WC would be something to consider.

    I do see there are services like http://litextension.com/woocommerce-migration-tool/cart66-to-woocommerce.html - I have no idea on the quality of them but from first glance it looks pretty legit. They seem to move everything including order history etc. So something like that is probably the way to go for larger stores.
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    garrydufresnegarrydufresne Lifetime Member, Fremedy, Grind, Quik
    Thanks you.
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