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** General WordPress 5.0 / Gutenberg Issues **

If you have issues with the new Gutenberg / WordPress 5.0+ features please install the WordPress Classic Editor plugin for now:

** WARNING Thesis Framework and WordPress 5.0 **

There are known issues with the Thesis framework and WordPress 5.0 if you don't install the Classic Editor plugin above BEFORE upgrading to WordPress 5.0 you may get locked out of your site - this is not a Themedy issue.

** Thesis 2.6+ Issues **

There seems to be a bug with the site title and tagline showing after upgrading to 2.6. Try adding this to your Thesis Custom CSS to fix for now: #site_title, #site_tagline {display: none;}

If you are upgrading any site from Thesis 2.3 or lower, the 2.4 upgrade steps below still apply before you can upgrade ANY version of Thesis 2.3 and earlier to ANY version of Thesis 2.4 or higher.

** Thesis 2.4 or Higher Upgrade Steps **

As Thesis 2.4+ is a major update we recommend backing up your site before attempting this upgrade. After the upgrade you may have to run this Thesis fix if your site design looks "out of sorts":

IMPORTANT: When you run the Fix CSS box, check all 4 check-boxes / options it gives you before running.

If you are missing your header image still try these steps: (or download the new version of your skin from here and delete and reinstall it - backup first just in case)

Also make sure you watch this great video to fix script issues:

** Update **
As long as you follow the Thesis update steps closely most people should be fine. If you would rather someone experienced to handle the upgrade for you, we offer paid technical services that can handle it as well.
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Rearranging hooks on blog posts

heathheath Lifetime Member
edited January 2018 in Patron
Wordpress 4.9.1


Hola y'all,

I have a question about rearranging my web-hooks in genesis Patron theme. What I want is for the author description to appear immediately after the post, then the social share icons and the related blog posts.

How do I get the author bio to appear immediately after the blog?

Currently using "Related Posts by Sovrn" to display related posts and "AddToAny Share Buttons" to display the social share icons. If there are better solutions out there for either so I can arrange the display I'm open to that, as long as the formatting of the related posts looks relatively the same.

I've used a lot of tools to "override" certain things in patron and I realize because of that I'm starting to slow down the website. Any tips/tricks for modifying code I am very open to. I use Atom and filezilla on my mac and am github literate.

Appreciate your help/suggestions!

Edit: screenshot to what I'm talking about:


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