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Rearranging hooks on blog posts

heathheath Lifetime Member
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Hola y'all,

I have a question about rearranging my web-hooks in genesis Patron theme. What I want is for the author description to appear immediately after the post, then the social share icons and the related blog posts.

How do I get the author bio to appear immediately after the blog?

Currently using "Related Posts by Sovrn" to display related posts and "AddToAny Share Buttons" to display the social share icons. If there are better solutions out there for either so I can arrange the display I'm open to that, as long as the formatting of the related posts looks relatively the same.

I've used a lot of tools to "override" certain things in patron and I realize because of that I'm starting to slow down the website. Any tips/tricks for modifying code I am very open to. I use Atom and filezilla on my mac and am github literate.

Appreciate your help/suggestions!

Edit: screenshot to what I'm talking about: https://michaelbaileylawllc.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Screen-Shot-2018-01-02-at-2.51.45-PM.png
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