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Questions re: Food Menu

psciencepscience Support Expired
How can we add the entire menu, but only choose some items to show on the home page? Also - We have subcategories for the Lunch category, and the items are showing up twice, once for each category. See this screenshot: https://www.screencast.com/t/AquKukXBUBA


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    Mark_HodderMark_Hodder Administrator, Lifetime Member
    What I've seen others do is just add the menu items you want to show on the home page via the built in menu items area. Then you can just create a separate regular WordPress page to show the "full menu" and link to it using the "Menu Section Button Link:" option in Themedy Settings.

    Yes, items with multiple categories will show up for any category it's tagged in by design. Sorry, I'm not sure I can suggest anything in regards to that other then only use one main category if you really need something to show up only once.
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