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Portfolio and Footer queries

andreabeadleandreabeadle Lifetime Member
Hi, I have the Grind Portfolio on the home page of the site here: http://andreatestsite5.info/hiands

As I don't wan't to display the whole portfolio on the home page, I'd also like to have the portfolio showing on a separate page with all of the images in grid form.

As I've set the maximum to display for the home page, this also means that the portfolio on the page is limited. Is there a way I can display say 12 on the home page but have no limit showing on the portfolio page? they don't like the version of the portfolio that has the dates on.

Footer links.
In the footer I have an email icon in png format which is set to mailto when you click. I have a white icon with transparent background. However there is a white background showing between the blue and the icon. Is it possible to remove this?

Many thanks for any help with this.


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    Mark_HodderMark_Hodder Administrator, Lifetime Member
    edited July 2017
    You would have to edit the files directly to achieve that. In box.php included with the skin the relevant section is in "class themedy_grind_portfolio extends thesis_box {"

    You could override the amount of items manually so the option selected in the Skin Content area would only apply on the homepage by adding a new line after:

    $amount = !empty($this->options['amount']) ? $this->options['amount'] : '32';

    if (is_page('about-us')) {$amount = 999;}
    Changing about-us to the page slug of whatever page you are using for the other portfolio area.

    For the footer links what you have in your custom css already is almost correct, however, you're missing two closing } one each at the end of .icon-1 and icon-2 block and it should be footer_widgets, -use a underscore instead of dash like that is there now.
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