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Auto scroll gets hung-up or delayed

toddjtxtoddjtx Lifetime Member
http://grassfirefest.com/ - Using latest Chrome, I can scroll past the home page, but scrolling sometimes gets hung-up or at the least delayed before scroll happens.

Then when I scroll back to top it hangs at the 2nd scroll page and won't let me get back to the home image until I click the logo. When I get back near the top the image darkens when i try to scroll up to the first page.

Mobile version also doesn't auto scroll, but I'm assuming that is because there's too small a screen for the info. There is no issue with the mobile version that I can see.


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    toddjtxtoddjtx Lifetime Member
    I may have to switch themes if I can're resolve this soon. Initial design is due Wed 5/24
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    Mark_HodderMark_Hodder Administrator, Lifetime Member
    Hi, I've checked but am not seeing the issues you mentioned on my end with Chrome 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit) - nor have we gotten other reports yet.

    You may want to check Thesis -> Skin Content -> Themedy - Full Page Slider and check or unchecked (depending on what current options is selected) "Enable CSS3 transform effects instead of jQuery"

    If you don't find the auto scrolling consistent enough for your needs you may also just use the "Disable Auto Scrolling" option in the same area so it acts like Mobile.
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    toddjtxtoddjtx Lifetime Member
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