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Menu not showing up properly on individual page

aaronchenaaronchen Lifetime Member
Hi Support/Fellows,

I have built a new website for my client https://www.realcastle.com.au/ based on Proof. It looks good. Thanks Mark for the help to fix the logo background issue for us on the contact us page in my PREVIOUS post.

Now, I just found another issue. See details below:

1. You are one the home page of https://www.realcastle.com.au/. You then click on the menu icon on the top right hand side
2. The menu shows up right below the logo, you then click on the "real fund" tab, and you are now on the "Real Fund" page
3. But the menu has disappear, so you click on the n the menu icon on the top right hand side again.
4. But this time the menu can't show up properly - Only the "real fund" tab shows up and when you move the mouse to the locations of other tab in the menu, they show up... Not very user friendly and confusing people.

So Why did that happen? How to fix it?

Thank you so much for your help in advanced!

PS, my Wordpress version is 4.7.3 now and using Proof for Thesis 2.1+: Download (Version 1.0.2)



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    Mark_HodderMark_Hodder Administrator, Lifetime Member
    Hi Aaron,

    Try adding this CSS to your Thesis Custom CSS screen, the second block being only if you want the black background behind the logo on all pages - I noticed some pages you have it, others don't:
    .template-page .comments-area, .template-page .nav-primary, .template-page .navigation .toggle-menu:hover, .template-page .navigation .toggle-menu.active {
    	background-color: #000 !important;
    .template-page .site-title a {
    	background-color: #000 !important;
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    aaronchenaaronchen Lifetime Member
    Hey Mark,

    I have input your custom css codes and the issue has been fixed.

    Thanks so much!

    Kind regards
    Aaron Chen
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