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Portfolio Page problem

jenniferjennifer Lifetime Member
You can see the site I'm having issues with at: http://veracitylogic.com/wpbeta/

The Grind portfolio works perfectly on the front page, but on a page using the Grind Portfolio template, the script that runs the buttons / sorting doesn't seem to be working - http://veracitylogic.com/wpbeta/irt-essentials-portfolio/ - the buttons are dead links.


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    Mark_HodderMark_Hodder Administrator, Lifetime Member
    It seems fine on my demo site so it may be a plugin conflict. Try disabling all your plugins and testing and again and if it works re-enabling one by one until it breaks again so you know which one is causing the issue.
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    jenniferjennifer Lifetime Member
    edited September 2016
    No, it still didn't work with all plugins - even the themedy ones - disabled.
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    jenniferjennifer Lifetime Member
    Never mind. Found the problem, when I was customizing the page, I had deleted a wrap element that the script apparently needed.
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