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Using Only One Item on Themedy Toolbox

kabolobarikabolobari Support Expired, Marketing Bundle
You can see the site I'm having issues with at: http://www.kabolobari.com/blog

Hi, could I ask for help getting just the .php file that's responsible for the "toggle" in the Themedy Toolbox plugin? I have the plugin currently installed. But I'm only using the toggle, which is the only reason I opted for the plugin, anyway.

So, I'm wondering if it's possible for you to give me just the .php and .js files responsible for its structure and behavior. I already have it's .css in my custom.css file. Except there's any other CSS styles I still need, in which case, I should be able to fix that if issued.

I hope this can be done and I want to thank you in advance. Thanks.


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