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Recommended Thesis plugins for copy-demo site not found

hollygonnellahollygonnella Support Expired
edited January 2016 in Richmond
Hi, I want to install a copy of the Richmond demo site so that I have a starting point that I can relate to and thought maybe it would be idiot proof. (using Thesis 2.1, I do not have WP 4.4.1 installed yet)

The instructions say to install the theme-specific plugins or it will not work. There are only 3 listed under thesis; Menu Social Icons - done, Thesis Open Hook 2.3.2 - can't find this version and Thesis Hook Finder - this does not show up in a search on Wordpress and the link you provide goes to a blank page.

The instructions say I will need to install these...and found another place that I "have" to install the toolbox...anything else?

Is this harder than just starting from scratch?

Please advice...Kind Regards, Holly

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