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Possible solution to error in themedy-metaboxes.php

summer_brookssummer_brooks Lifetime Member
Followup from the issue discussed here: http://themedy.com/forum/discussion/4581/strange-error-in-richmond-after-site-move

I started updating said test site, and that same error about the undefined pagetag on line 36 popped up again, even with the latest Toolbox. After some digging, that error only appears when editing custom post types that aren't listed in the themedy-metaboxes.php definitions.

After some more digging, I think the conditional on line 33 needs to be changed because it's failing to kick out when editing any custom post type other than "page" or "portfolio".

So I changed it to this instead:
if ( ! is_singular ( array('page', 'portfolio') ) ) return;

and it seems to work, and resolves the error message.


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