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Can I use an html link in the testimonial when its called by a query box on a page?

dennis_tomandennis_toman Lifetime Member
You can see the site I'm having issues with at: http://www.timeoutworkshop.com/contact-page/

Hi, I added a query box to call the text of the testimonial on the sidebar of the page. Works great, with one exception. Is this a limitation of the query box or testimonial that I have to work around in a different way:

I had included in the main box of the testimonial a link. That link does not show up on this page, although it does show up fine on the home page.

If need be, I'll add a custom field and figure out the css for that to add the link to the testimonial both on the front page and in the sidebar query box. But thought I'd best ask first if I was missing something.

Many thanks...Dennis


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    Mark_HodderMark_Hodder Administrator, Lifetime Member
    If in the skin editor you open up that query box you added and replace the "Query Box → Excerpt" with the "Query Box → Content" option I think that would work.
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