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Access to Already-set-up Themes in Wp

You know what would be really awesome?! It would be awesome if you had a WP site set up for each one of your themes. It would be awesome if we could log into them and figure out how certain things are set up.


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    Mark_HodderMark_Hodder Administrator, Lifetime Member
    We did actually start setting something like that up at one point - but there's a lot of hurdles for us to do it publicly.

    We do recommend you have a couple test environments on your own end and use our demo site setup process to quickly replicate our demo sites when you need them though: http://help.themedy.com/General/Copy_Themedy_Demo_Site
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    susannasusanna Lifetime Member
    There are always hurdles to things like this aren't there?! Oh well.
    Thank you Mark!!!
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