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New Social Icons

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What are the possibilities of getting any of the following icons?

Instagram. I realize you have a "photos" one, but I'm actually a photographer, so right now I'm having to choose between my Instagram & my 500px.

500px - You could just make it easy for the photogs (who will be drawn to your huge header backgrounds btw!) and give us 500px AND Instagram. or 500px, Instagram, AND Flickr. lol

DeviantArt - Again...photographers & designers.

Bloglovin - In the demise of Googles feed reader, most of us aren't using feedburner anymore, but we've flopped over to Bloglovin', and a logo for that would be AWESOME!

And then I didn't even know this was possible until I hit someone's blog yesterday who had this...

And Amazon logo for the authors. I actually have contributed to 3 books, and I'm writing my first solo one this year, so that would be a fantastic way to get eyeballs on my books.

Thanks so much. I'm absolutely in love with this theme.


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