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Thesis 2.x Feature Requests

colinsafranekcolinsafranek Lifetime Member
edited March 2013 in Ideas & Theme Suggestions
Using latest WP with Thesis 2.x

- Could you use EMs instead of pixels for future skin versions, and set the body font-size to 100%?

- I already asked in another thread to use sprite images when possible, and/or to use SVG images when possible to improve graphic quality on smaller devices, especially for icons. (some designers just use PNGs that are twice the size, in order to look good on retina displays, but I find that SVG is the way to go with icons, cuz they'll look great no matter what screen is being used).

- Is it possible to make some of the custom widgets available separately, so as to integrate them with any of the themedy themes? I imagine that is very much easier said than done, but, for example, I would really love to use that slick portfolio widget that is packaged with the Grind skin, but I would like to use it on a site that I built using Reactiv. Also, some of the themes do not come packaged with social icon widgets.

Portfolio Skins:
- In future releases can you please make Portfolio Category Archive page URLs user-friendly/SEO-friendly? I made the customization using Mark Hodder's instructions:

"You can change it if you edit the wp-content/thesis/skins/grind-t2/lib/functions/themedy-portfolio.php file and change 'rewrite' => FALSE, to 'rewrite' => TRUE, and then resave the Settings -> Permalinks page." (in this thread)

So now, instead of the URL looking like this: http://domain.com/?portfolio-category=category-name
They look like this: http://domain.com/portfolio-category/category-name

...but I believe that customization will be erased when I update to the next Grind version.
Can you please make the pretty permalink structure the default for portfolio category archive pages? Or at least give the user the option to toggle that? - Thanks.

- Also it would be nice to have the option to toggle the header settings on or off. In the case of more exhaustive customizations it is annoying to have to work around the multiple inline CSS blocks that are injected into the <HEAD> section.

Same goes for the color themes. Is there a way to turn those off. Now, even if you choose the default color theme, there is still a separate css file called in the <HEAD> that is just empty. For some sites, I just want to have complete control over color themes and don't want any extra stylesheets called on load.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like a cool way to handle color themes would be to use the custom variable in the Thesis Skid Editor. Then for the css savvy among us, we could just change the value of the color variable and all the places where they existed would automatically update, no? For those that are not comfortable with code, there could still be the child-skin stylesheet option, but I would like to be able to disable that, and not have it overwritten on theme autoupdates.

Featured Items Boxes:
- First of all I'll say that there needs to be some built in "read more" text options in Thesis 2.x that allow for easy customization of the "read more" link after any excerpt. Maybe I just haven't figured out how that works yet, but so far the only way I've figured out how to customize what proceeds the excerpts is by using a third-party custom excerpt Box, or by writing the customization in the skin's custom.php file.

For Themedy skins, it would be a great additional feature to be able to add and customize the read-more link.
Also, for the "Featured Items" boxes that generally show on the front page (I'm thinking of Reactiv here), those excerpts should also have a custom "read more" link option. OR preferably, the whole Title/Excerpt block of text should be a clickable container element that links to the single post page or single portfolio page, whatever it may be.

Currently I have appended my own "...read more" link to the excerpts shown in the featured items recent blog posts and recent work portfolio excerpts by editing the themedy_reactive_featureditems box in Box.php, and I'm certain that this customization will be overwritten when I autoupdate to the next version of Reactiv, no?

Is there a way to write this customization in the custom.php file, so it doesn't get overwritten?

Or, even better, can you make this a default, or part of the box options within the skin editor for the standard excerpts as well as the featured items excerpts?

.... Ok, those were all I could think of for now.

I love what you guys are doing. Having Thesis 2.x responsive skins is a dream come true. And you all worked so quickly to get them up and running after T2 was released. I truly appreciate it.

Please forgive my code ignorance. And let me know what you think about my feature requests/recommendations.

Thanks guys! Keep up the great work!

- Colin


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    Mark_HodderMark_Hodder Administrator, Lifetime Member
    Thanks for taking the time to do send us your ideas Colin!

    We'll look into some of these for sure - with regards to the Portfolio URL situation we've already changed this for our themes so you are good ;)
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