Welcome to Themedy 1.1

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A look at Themedy 1.0

It’s been 8 months since we launched Themedy and lately we’ve found that we were outgrowing our initial site. Since we launched, we’ve added six new child themes for Thesis & Genesis and things we’re starting to get a bit crowded around here.

So we went back to work to craft a new and improved Themedy 1.1 and this is the result. Things have been cleaned up and more importantly flexibility added in for future growth.

One thing we’re still building, is a new resource section where we will offer various high quality freebies to members and non-members alike.

Theme Updates

We’ve also taken this time to go back and refresh every one of our themes to bring them all up to 1.1 status.

Updates include:

Shortcodes now Themedy Visual Designer plugin: We’ve moved the shortcode feature out of theme code and into it’s own plugin. Using our built in design tool you can create customizable buttons, styled lists, info boxes, quotes and more. As a bonus this plugin should work with any theme now, not just ours! When you upgrade a theme to 1.1 it will ask you to install the plugin upon activation of the theme (don’t use the plugin on theme running less then version 1.1)

Localization: All themes now have a text domain and a languages folder included, this should help anyone that wants to translate our themes into another language.

WordPress 3.3 fix: The theme options panel was missing some options in 3.3, the 1.1 refresh fixes this – you will also now find your options in one place under Appearance -> Themedy Settings. Without upgrading you can fix this glitch by visiting your current options page, clicking the screen options tab on the top right of your screen and then selecting 2 columns and saving.

What’s Coming

Now that we have some house cleaning taken care of we’re hard at work putting together a new theme and some additional resources for your downloading pleasure.

Expect lots to come in 2012, until then Happy Holidays from the Themedy team!

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