Unique Richmond Features

  • Customizable Front PageSee It

    A beautiful and highly customizable front page template with a focus on your portfolio / image stream.

  • Styled Subscription Area

    Building an audience is a key to website growth. You can easily pad your email list with the customizable subscription area available.

  • Social Links and Contact Area

    Use your existing contact form plugin and have a direct line available to your viewers across the whole site. Along with your personal social media links, you'll never miss an opportunity again!

  • Multiple Theme Styles

    With Genesis we've packed in some awesome theme styles to choose from. And if you're a Thesis user, we've got you covered with unlimited colour possibilities and font choices.

  • HTML5 and Retina optimized

    HTML5 is the next evolution of HTML, which forms the backbone of almost every site on the Internet. Retina screens are becoming standard in more and more devices everyday - with Themedy, you'll be ready to support these new technologies first.

  • Responsive DesignSee It

    Responsive web designs are future ready for current and emerging mobile platforms, like the iPhone, iPad and other smartphones and tablets.

Core Themedy Features

All our themes comes with an awesome suite of core Themedy features, check them out below!

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