Built in Design Tool

Using our built in design tool you can create customizable buttons, styled lists, info boxes, quotes and more. It’s easily accessible right from the page / post editor in WordPress with a simple point and click interface. Check out this page to see some samples of the options you can create: ShortCodes Sample

Landing Page Template

All our themes come with a landing page template that lets you create great looking landing pages / squeeze pages. You can set any page to use this powerful landing page template by selecting it right in the WordPress page editor. Create powerful conversion opportunities, check out an example by clicking here.

Additional Design Schemes

Most of our themes come with multiple pre-designed color schemes that you can switch between with a click of the mouse. On our demo page just select the more styles drop-down on the top right of your screen to see all the options you get with each theme.

Portfolio Functionality

Some of our themes included portfolio functionality. Use the portfolio post types and portfolio page template to easily showcase your projects. The template will automatically generate thumbnails and excerpts for you to show off your latest work or products!


Sliders.. you love em or you hate em. Fortunately we’re pro-choice at Themedy and many of our themes include a customizable slider that you can use on your homepage. Our slider works by pulling in the featured image setting of your page, post or portfolio. If sliders aren’t your thing, just turn it off via the themes control panel – the power is in your hands.

Themedy Custom Widgets

Many of our themes come with custom widgets you can use to enhance your theme. They allow you to pull in Flickr photos, display videos, place advertisements and display your content in unique and exciting ways.


PSD or Photoshop Document is a file designers can use to customize the graphics of our themes easily. All our themes come with a layered Photoshop file – which means if you hire a designer to customize your site further – you’ll probably spend less money and your designer will be able to do their job much easier.

Works across Major Browsers

Themes are tested on all modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. We’ve also ran the CSS and HTML markup through W3C validation to ensure web standards compliance. What does this mean to you? It means your site will look great to all visitors regardless of how they access the web.